Solution & Services

CAMWARE is offering FULL FLEDGED Electronics Manufacturing Service solutions which can be primary.

• Attributed to its rigorous commitment and continuous training that has helped it win the trust of its customers.

• CAMWARE has filled 1800 Sq Ft of ESD Shop Floor with automated assembly and test equipments.

• Material stores and administrative services. We offer a full range of Manufacturing and engineering.

•Our Engineers/Supervisors/Technicians/Operators are specialized in manufacturing and implementation of any size of populated boards. We have sufficient manpower to execute orders of high volume in a pre-planned time schedule.We have sophisticated wave soldering machine, advance pre-forming, testing equipment and other related equipment for contract manufacturing of populated boards. Our manufacturing line has detailed record keeping, traceability procedures and perfect quality measures.

CAMWARE is supporting as Original Design Manufacturing( ODM ) company which is designed with two leading design house for HARDWARE & MECHANICAL design oriented products as specified by its customers. Such companies allow the brand firm to produce products ( either as a supplement OR solely) without having to engage in the organization OR running of a factory.

• Peace of mind in the knowledge that you have 100% workable products shipped to you.

• A reduction in production time hence a decrease in your overall product costs.

• Last but not the least, we are totally flexible and willingly adapt to your testing needs .

✔ The CAMWARE group is forging ahead to provide the Indian market with a comprehensive range of products and services. And above all, we aim to give our customers that all-important feeling of satisfaction, safety & security which is mandatory.

CAMWARE is offering end to end Electronic System Design and Manufacturing for Board Level Assembling, Modules, Products, etc., including SMT, PTH, Electromechanical and System Integration Assembly.

• Prototyping, quick turnaround and high capacity PCB assembly. Most importantly in electro-statically safe work environment, we use manual placement of all components and hand soldering of surface mount components. A completely automated SMT line is scheduled to be operational shortly.

• Mechanical assembly, packaging, warehousing and just in time shipment.

• Complete testing to your specifications, including full assembly. Testing can be provided using customer supplied fixtures or we could work on any customization as may be required by you.

• Component procurement – electronic and mechanical. Through this service we provide you with purchasing economies of scale and inventory management.

• Repair and rework of printed circuit assemblies.

• We could work with kitted assemblies or be utilized as a turnkey supplier.

✔ Lower costs

✔ Shorter lead times

✔ Reduced inventory and related labour costs

✔ Price control

✔ Standard component cost lists to help you in your product design/redesign

The demand for electronics hardware in the country is projected to increase from USD 45 billion in 2009 to USD400 billion by 2020 as per Task Force Report. India has been epicenter of the electronic product demand fueled by its demographic dividend and phenomenal GDP Growth. This creates a unique opportunity for companies in the ESDM (Electronic System Design & Manufacturing) sector to look at this domain as their next destination to cater to the domestic Indian demand as well as act as an exports hub.

Therefore Camware has initiated to take EDSM as its one of its Vertical to bolster the Indian Electronic Industries by exploiting its core infrastructure facilities and intellectual potential available with it.

CAMWARE is supporting as OEM refers to a company or a firm that is responsible for designing and building a product according to its own specifications, and then selling the product to another company or firm, which is responsible for its distribution.

•The ability for you to focus on your core competencies of R&D, marketing and distribution.

• A reduction in your expensive fixed cost capital plant investment.

• A reduction in hidden costs such as electricity, insurance, training, heating, ensuring you building is electro-statically safe etc.

•An affordable way to enhance your products using up-to-date manufacturing technologies

• Removal of your need to upgrade equipment and manufacturing processes.

• An increase in your flexibility & responsiveness (especially for new product introduction).

• A reduction in your exposure to permanent staffing requirements.

•And most importantly, an improvement in the quality of your products.

✔ In fact you can make a sizeable saving by using CAMWARE as your EMS provider.

Managed Services - IMS

At Camware Technologies, we offer end-to-end Solutions for IT Infrastructure Management Services to all our clients. Certified experts support the IT Infrastructure, Manage IT, Control IT & Sustain IT. Thus focus of client increases on their core businesses, thereby, their revenue multiplies.

☛ Services we Offer :

• Server Management.
• Database Management.
• Storage Management.
• Backup & Recovery Management.
• Messaging Management.
• Network Management.
• Security Management.
• Asset Management.
• End User Computing Services.
• Service Desk/Help Desk Services.
• Virtual Infra Management.
• Virtual Desktop Management.
• Data centre Management.
• BCP/DR Management.

Short Time Services

☛ Our Project based IT services as follows  :

• IT Infrastructure Build, Upgrade & Migration.
• IT Infrastructure Virtualization & Consolidation.
• Design & Implementation of Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan.
• Design & Implementation of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.
• Email Infrastructure Design & Build.
• Design & Implementation of Active Directory Infrastructure.
• Design & Implementation of Network Architecture.
• Design & Implementation of Security Infrastructure.
• IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions & Deployment.
• IT Infra Solutions & Deployment.
• Thin client Solutions and Deployment.

Professional Services

☛ Our Professional Services on IT Infrastructure to our clients as follows  :

• IT Architecture Consulting.
• Infrastructure Auditing.
• Process Consulting.
• Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan.
• IoT Adoption Plan.